Damon Peacock





When I'm out and about on the roads I see a lot of vans and lorries with cryptic statements on them. 'Providing Logistics Solutions' or some variation on that theme is a popular one. It makes me wonder what my mission statement should be. So I looked at the stuff I could put on this website. Firstly there's work, the ideal activity for me is hedgelaying, I've been doing that for almost 30 years, entering competitions since 1982, I've worked everywhere from country estates to the motorway network and I've won prizes in a number of styles. I also have a lot of expertise in woodland management, from planting through to felling on a practical level,  I have also written and executed management plans, which is particularly satisfying.

My work involves the disciplined exercise of craft skills in a taxing environment, which is what attracted me to my hobbies of long distance cycling and skiing. It was the difficulty of conveying the appeal of those activities that led me to film them, it also sustains my interest in those hobbies and in work. I've been gradually documenting unlikely stuff from the sharp end.

This site aims to pull together the strands of what I have out there on the net and to place them into a single context. As for a mission statement the best I can come up with for the moment is 'Satisfying Curiosity'.


  1. A Snow Fence at Yad Moss in the North Pennines